UCL (University College Lillebaelt) is focused on both the facilitating aspects of data center education as well as on the IT side of running a datacenter. 

Our educational institution brings also in our expertise on life-long learning as we have a complete department on this.

We have learning and lab facilities in 5 locations around Southern Denmark located at Funen (Odense, Svendborg) and Jutland (Vejle, Fredericia and Jelling). 

The focus of our data center education is primarily offering modules in IT development at our AP and BA programmes (EQF level 5, 6 ) that provides necessary skills and knowledge about relevant and industry related hardware and software frameworks. 

Keywords in the AP and BA programmes offered at UCL are: 

  • Programming, Software and systems development, Information security, Big Data and Machine Learning, 
  • Internships in coop with the Industry, Agile development.  
  • Robotics, Electronics, Mechatronics, IOT.

Our programmes with a relevance for the datacenter industry are: 

  • Computer Science AP programme
  • IT Technology AP programme
  • IT Security BA programme
  • Software development BA programme
  • Economy and IT BA programme

At the programmes mentioned above we have around 1000 students and 30-40 lecturers connected. 

Since 2018 UCL has been in a cooperation with FMS (CEDCE partner) and DDI ( Danish Datacenter Industry Association) in providing elective educational modules targeted datacenter challenges with the help and input from partners in the danish datacenter industry (DDI) like Google and NNIT. The focus has been to give students practical challenges combining the knowledge from a Facility Engineering (FMS students) and from an IT development direction (UCL students) .

See article and video from the coop in 2020 : https://www.ucl.dk/nyheder/business-og-digital-udvikling/nyt-unikt-tvaerfagligt-samarbejde-skal-modne-unge-specialister-til-sulten-datacenterbranche 

Address for UCL: 
Seebladsgade 1, 5000 Odense C 

Lars Bojen

Project Manager
+45 21 769 342