About us

The data center industry is a fast growing industry that has a great demand for schooled professionals. Because it is still a very young industry the data center education is a work in progress. A European collaboration on data center education can play an important role in the quality of education. In the last two years we’ve worked on the creation of a European collaboration on data center education named CEDCE. At the start of September 2021  the educational institutions succeeded in writing and uploading the CEDCE-project plan for an EU-grant. At the start of 2022, we will know whether the grant of 4 million will be granted.

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Green Energy

Green energy is an important development for many of the CEDCE project regions.

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The CEDCE-project aims for innovation and growth by developing curriculum (standards) for Data Centre Education

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Local Ecosystems

The local networks create a skilled ecosystems around the data centres regionally and nationally