Local Ecosystems

The Network of Networks

The first objective of the CEDCE project is the creation of a network model for Data Centre education at the regional/national level where educational institutions, (non-) governmental organizations and data centre companies and sector representatives work side by side in the skills ecosystem on data centres has a baseline measurement and a target value. As the skills ecosystem of data centres show such an international environment, with multinationals having their data centre locations in different countries that are participating in this project proposal, the collaboration at the European level is crucial to a successful collaboration within each local/regional/national cluster. The creation of curriculum (standards) is therefore very much applicable to be done at the European level through the Platform of CoVEs, while each educational provider in each CoVE can still finetune the curriculum implementation to the relevant local context. Project partners therefore underline the possibilities of the upward convergence that the collaboration at the European level can provide. Furthermore, the European/international environment is represented through the international workforce in each data centre company in the different countries. This asks for a skill set from each student, regardless the country they are based in, to successfully work in this international environment. This can be offered at the European level to all students of all study programs in the schools involved in the project consortium. The teachers, students and data centre employees will then benefit from this European collaboration initiative.

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The CEDCE-project consortium, composed by educational institutions and businesses, will be bringing together the demand by the data centre industry and the supply by the educational institutions, while it will also work the other way around as businesses will also contribute with their expertise to train the lecturers and students. Apart from the project consortium partners from the educational field and businesses within the skills ecosystem, CEDCE targets various participants for the project, including current and future students, data centre employees as well as individuals who are interested to be reskilled to the data centre industry. Finally, the collaboration amongst data centre partners is not only beneficial for the actors, but also for the environment. Working together in an ecosystem saves energy and reuses already generated heat.