Haute Ecole Louvain en Hainaut


HELHa, Haute Ecole Louvain en Hainaut (Belgium), is a college who dispenses a higher education to prepare young people to a profession, to provide continuing education or to conduct the research. HELHa is the largest college in Wallonia (French-speaking Belgium area) with around 10,000 students, spread over 15 sites.

The department concerned by the Data Center Engineering Program is the Industrial Engineer Department. Through our engineer degrees, we have a lot of experience in the electromechanical and chemistry areas which is one of the orientations of engineering training and one of our research centers.

Based on its experience, the HELHa, in partnership with industries (Google, Facebook, NRB, Engie, Technord, IPS, …) developed an English Master level certificate, the Data Center Engineering Program, accessible to people with a technical bachelor’s degree or equivalent professional experience. Target audiences are people working in European data centers, working at their suppliers, but also anyone wishing this skill in his enterprise.

This training dedicated to the maintenance of data centers will include two components: online courses and laboratories to practice notions on industrial setup.

The purpose of this certification is to provide the Data Center industry with staff who are qualified to provide the proficient and in-depth skills necessary for the technical management and operation of data center facilities.

Vesna Jerkovic

Data Center Training Manager
+32 65 40 41 42