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The Joint Authority of Education of Kotka-Hamina Region Group (Ekami) provides high-quality education and training services, youth workshops and outreach youthwork in Southern Kymenlaakso. Ekami Group has two business units South Kymenlaakso Vocational College and Coastal Workshops “Rannikkopajat” and two subsidiaries Ekami Consulting Ltd. and Primus High Tech Ltd.

South Kymenlaakso Vocational College is a multi-disciplinary education institution with over 60 different vocational qualifications, vocational further qualifications and vocational specialist qualifications. The College organises vocational education and training for over 6000 students and customers in Kotka and Hamina, on the south-eastern coast of Finland.

Vocational education and apprenticeship training are both flexibly organised to meet the needs of the working life. Ekami’s “Coastal Workshops” annually organise workshop activities for over 1 000 young people in Kotka, Hamina, Pyhtää, Miehikkälä, and Virolahti.

Ekami is the 7th largest employer in the area; there are some 350 Ekami staff members. In addition to teaching and workshop staff, Ekami has staff engaged in administration, real-estate management, student care and counselling, catering, and teaching support staff. Our premises are located in Kotka and Hamina.

Our operation is steered by the values of the Joint Educational Authority: customer-centredness, trustworthiness and community. We are in constant need of fresh and motivated professionals to become members of our expert community to train experts meeting the needs of the working life, to support individual development, and to participate in the development of the commercial life. Ekami Group is led by the Joint Educational Authority’s Managing Director, Principal Mr. Sami Tikkanen. 

Vocational Education

Ekami’s objective is to be able to respond to main competence and labour needs of region’s working life. As a local actor, the College focuses its operation and training at the same important fields of work in which investments are being made through the region’s labour and commercial policies.The task of vocational education and training is to offer working-life-oriented vocational education and training meeting the needs of working life.

Vocational education and training provides students with the abilities and skills needed in the life to develop as individuals and as employees, and to improve their chances of finding employment. The working-age population is provided with good opportunities for developing their know-how by participating in the vocational education and training, the preconditions for switching to another vocation are improved, and the adult population’s level of education and competence are enhanced.

Success in present-day working life requires constant updating and enhancing of one’s know-how. The need for vocational education and training has become increasingly significant, and especially so as a result of the rapidly changed situations in the working life. 

Ekami offers educational and development services meeting the needs of enterprises, communities, and private persons. Every year over 5,000 individuals study at Ekami.

Ekami arranges adult education and training as a form of self-reliant vocational basic education and training and as vocational further education, labour-force training, apprenticeship training, and personnel training. Ekami offer’s 26 vocational qualifications, 30 further vocational qualifications, and 8 specialist vocational qualifications. Our cooperation network enables the offering of studies leading to more than 150 vocational qualifications.

Apprenticeship training can also be arranged to cover such qualifications and courses of study as are not included in Ekami’s education selection. In addition, we organise vocational supplementary education, various competence courses, and other short-term training. We also offer customised educational services to our corporate and community customers enabling these customers to make use of these services in improving their competitiveness and recruit skilled employees.

Workshops for Young People (Rannikkopajat – Coastal Workshops)

Workshops for Young People, a.k.a. Coastal Workshops, is the name of the unit offering coaching for working life and job creation for young (under 25 years of age) in the Kotka-Hamina-Virolahti-Pyhtää-Miehikkälä area by way of periods of work, workplacement, and training periods. Coastal Workshops support and steer young people in a comprehensive manner towards managing their personal lives, towards achieving, strengthening, and maintaining the abilities to take part in working life opportunities.

Young people are directed to come to these Coastal Workshops by employment office staff and staff at educational institutions. Every young person is interviewed and the workshop period is put together with due consideration for the person’s individual needs.

Coastal Workshops are comprised of ten units at which the young people work under the guidance of an instructor/instructors. The jobs allocated by Coastal Workshops consist of work undertakings from private customers and local councils. The units are as follows: Kitchen Workshop, Textiles Workshop, Woodwork Workshop, Labour Service Workshop, Data Workshop, Art Workshop (in Kotka), Home Workshop and Building Caretaker Workshop (in Hamina), Frontier Workshop (digital press, in Virolahti,) and Start Workshop for under 17-year-olds left without education.

International Cooperation

International cooperation has become central component of the strive for excellence in Ekami . 
We recommend international mobility for our students as well as for our staff. Ekami has long experience from Erasmus mobility programs KA1 and KA2. 

Networking with other educational institutions and the industry is important way to boost ability to work successfully on global market. Partner countries are for example Spain, Great Britain, Greece, Lithuania, Hungary, France, Sweden, Netherlands, Germany, Turkey, Spain, Russia, Estonia, Belgium, Poland, Czech, Latvia. Mobility period abroad promotes students’ language learning as well as understanding different culture.

Every year 50-70 students travel abroad for international mobility period. Every year over 100 students and faculty members travels to Ekami from abrod.

Mr. Sami Tikkanen

Managing Director, Principal sami.tikkanen(at)ekami.fi +358 50 577 0993.

Mr. Niklas Paasalo

Project Manager
niklas.paasalo(at)ekami.fi +358 44 750 6786.