Designing a new educational data center in Ekami

Autumn 2022 was busy time in Ekami when two Danish students from FMS came to Finland to do their internships. Their project was to design a new data center in old industrial educational kitchen. Mr. Antti Laine from Fimpec was supervising the project. He is also a member of the board of the FDCA (Finnish Data Center Association). The project was a little bit different because usually the building will build around the dc (servers, etc.). Now we had the place where relocate the dc. There is some facility equipment (for example HVAC-system) already which should reuse as well as possible. Of course the new dc needs updates but finance is always a critical issue.

Below is the project description which the students have done.

Project description

The project for Ekami is to relocate the datacenter of the school from one place to another. The datacenter will relocate to the space where the former school kitchen once stood from building E, where it is currently located.

Design of a new educational dc

The school now has six racks that are deemed “essential,” and the data housed on those servers is not intended to be readily accessible by students. This is one of the project’s key components, however, the school still wants to provide the students with a learning environment in a datacenter. They aim to develop the concept of a learning environment for the students by creating a sizable, realistic space for the school’s many diverse students and the numerous ways that data centers touch individuals and the significance of them. While also separating the essential racks from the students.

The Schedule

The students from FMS made a great work. Ekami got a full facility plan and a lot of recommendations where need to focus when building process starts. They designed the whole facility side of the dc only in 10 weeks with zero earlier experience. The plan will be that we will use as much as possible Ekami’s own students to build the environment. That will be also one rememberable experience in their studies. The schedule of building process is open. Our idea is that the new dc will run in full force in next four years.

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