What started as an informal network in 2019 grew to a successful consortium of vocational schools with the aim to create a cross-regional European center(s) of excellence in datacenter education. It was Google that started the initiative in early 2018 to bring all the neighboring vocational schools and higher education in datacenter education in one room to share best practices and share knowledge.

Innocode Oy has been a digital innovation partner for successful startups and leading media companies which want to build user value, relevance, and new revenue streams through great digital solutions since 2010. Main targets are IOT, sencor fusion, AI and cyber security. It operates in Finland and is a business partner to Ekami.

DDA - Dutch Data Center Association (NL)

The Dutch Data Center Association (DDA) is the branch association for data centers in The Netherlands. The DDA connects 93% of the market-leading data centers in The Netherlands, strengthens economic growth and profiles the data center sector to the government, media and society. Furthermore, the DDA articulates industry views on regulatory and policy issues and works in as broad a coalition as possible. The DDA operates as a business partner to Alfa College. The association also contributes to the technical standards of the data center branch.

NorthC is the leading company in The Netherlands when it comes to regional data centers and is a reliable provider of data center- and connectivity services. The company operates in the metropolitan regions of Amsterdam, Rotterdam-The Hague, Utrecht, Eindhoven, and Groningen, as well as in Germany and Switzerland. Specifically, NorthC operates as a business partner to Alfa College. Together with other organizations, they increase the knowledge of digitalization among entrepreneurs in the northern provinces of the Netherlands.

The IPS data center team (BE)

The IPS provides large server rooms for multinational and national colocation providers and industrial companies. They are a business partner to HELHa. IPS engineers coordinate complex tasks in mission critical environments, hold Uptime Institute Accreditation and have coordinated the certification of the only Tier 3 Constructed Facility certified in Belgium. IPS services encompass general project management and detailed engineering (architecture, HVAC, electricity, stability). This partner participates in conferences, presentations, and networking events, and offers internships, transfers the technology to the industry and manages the execution of experimental implementations on energy saving and CO2 neutrality.

Dröge & van Drimmelen has been supporting CEDCE since the start of the cooperation in 2017. Therefore, this partner is well-known with all other partners, the aims of the project, and the international ecosystem of the data center industry at large. This party has experience in facilitating educational projects and supporting parties in implementation processes in various sectors. One of its expertise’s is corporate communication: Dröge & van Drimmelen is experienced in communicating in various languages, in various (inter)cultural settings, and know how to connect parties.

Cafferkey Technical Services Limited (IR)

Cafferkey Technical Services Limited is experienced in providing clients with advice on the data center industry and data center education. Furthermore, it provides input on several data center skills and data education in the recent past. It operates in Ireland and is a business partner to the Institute of Technology in Sligo.

Danish Data Center Industry (DDI), is the industry association for the data center sector in Denmark. This is a business partner to UCL and FMS and represents the interests of both the private and public sector, including operators, vendors, municipalities, educational institutions and utility companies. The DDI strengthens the cooperation between private and public organizations. The data center industry has brought the network together. This has resulted in a strong commitment to create an in-depth network on data center education. The educational institutions deliberate with data centers in various ways. All Danish educational institutions have a strong link with the data center industry because of their membership of the DDI.

Stichting Platform Beta en Techniek (NL)

Stichting Platform Beta en Techniek is part of the platform for talent and technology, a Dutch public-private partnership of employers’ and employees’ organizations and the ministries of Education, Culture and Science, Economic Affairs and Social Affairs. It operates in The Netherlands and is a business partner to Alfa College. It supports CEDCE by being a platform that gives young people with a background in science and technology the prospect of a challenging job with future prospects. In the platform, companies, schools and governments work together to make beta education more attractive.

Start Campus was founded in 2020 to develop 100% green, sustainable, hyperscale data centers across Europe, backed by a team of world class team leaders which brings together an industry, robust expertise in design and operations, and over 20 years of experience. SINES 4.0 is the initial project. SINES 4.0 will become one of the largest sustainable data center ecosystems in Europe, 100% powered by green affordable energy. Sines Campus is located in Portugal, close to ETLA. One of the characteristics of Sines Campus is that this data center uses ocean water cooling facilities.