About Alfa-college

The Alfa College trains young people and adults for today’s and tomorrow’s society. We don’t do this alone, but in close cooperation with our partners in the various regions.

We are a Christian Vocational Training Centre for the north and north-east of the Netherlands where you can go for a vocational education, educational course or company training.

Three core values ​​are central to us: connecting, trust and entrepreneurship. These form the base for our actions. We work together in teams on good education in an inspiring learning environment. Personal attention is important to us.

Closing the gap

Overall there is a big shortage of technical educated staff. And especially for the data centre industry it’s difficult to find technical staff that is trained for this industry . At the moment the data industry is a still growing. There are many factors that make this grow possibly like, 5G, Covid etc.

Alfa-college and the data centre industry have been working together for several years to develop education to get sufficient professionals.

We do this by providing information with special attention for work as a data centre engineer. Offering elective data centre engineer, facilitating internships with the industry and developing data centre education together with the industry.

The technical centre of Alfa-college offers the following courses that are relevant to the data centre industry:

  • Engineering
  • Electrical and installation engineering,
  • Cold engineering,
  • Ict
  • Special electives for the data centre industry: BIM (building information model)

Adri Mertens

Project Manager
+31 6 5207 2563